What happens if my merchandise is damage while at your location?
Once your merchandise arrives at our location we are fully responsible for it if for some reason your merchandise is lost, damaged, or stolen we pay you for the item.

How much does it cost to start? Are there any monthly storage fees?
Getting started is free. There are no monthly storage fees. Everything is completely free until we ship your item

What security do I have when I ship you my merchandise?
After you join we sign a contract. You ship us the items you want to sell in the US and we supply you with our credit card number. You use this credit card for your security while we store your items.

How much do sales increase when advertising as a US seller?
As an example a US seller selling popular cell phone cases on eBay at a good price average around 50 to 60 sales a day.

How soon do you ship item?
After your item sells and your customers pays you we usually ship the item the same day.

What return address is shown on the customers package?
Our US address with your company name is used for the return address on the package

How much do you charge?
We charge a flat rate depending on how big an item is and how much it weighs.

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